Daniel Burger

Developing brain-computer interface software at IDUN Technologies and experimenting with machine learning and spatial computing.

I’m a software engineer specializing in non-invasive neural interfaces and web-based virtual reality. I’m fascinated by machine learning and neuroscience, and I believe that one day we’ll be able to directly engineer our brains’ perception of reality for the benefit of humanity.

Portrait of Daniel Burger
Daniel Burger
Living in Switzerland

My Expertise

Software for the Brain

Production-grade and highly scalable with a focus on real-time and web tech

🧠 Neurotech

I work in the rapidly expanding and exciting neurotech industry, collaborating with machine learning experts and neuroscientists to create new technologies for understanding the human brain and interacting with the world via neural interfaces.

  • Unquenchable curiosity for the brain

  • Strong commitment to safe systems

  • Keen desire to shape the future

🤖 Software

My primary area of expertise is developing full-stack software applications with state-of-the-art architectures utilising various modern technologies. I’m most comfortable in cloud-native environments, and I highly prefer the web platform.

  • Advocate of test-driven development

  • Believer in open-source software

  • Enthusiast for everything-agile

Design-driven background

After a few years as an interactive media designer in the industry, I moved into software engineering and later into neurotech. When working on brain-computer interface software, I believe it’s advantageous to apply a deep knowledge of design thinking and a constant focus on user experience, particularly in the experimental field of virtual reality in combination with neural interfaces.